Scales of War

Bordrin's Watch Part One

 The next morning the five mercenaries set off from Brindol toward Overlook, an old city in the West. Paeleus was set upon the ranger's pet bear. Paeleus's condition was bad, and he spent most of the trip in a deep coma. The normal length of the trip would have been just under a week. However, with Paelus's condition so severe, it took the group ten days. On the ninth day, the group came upon an elven city at the edge of a forest. The elves healed Paeleus in exchange for some gold.

It was right after this that the group encountered a pack of orcs. Mid fight another adventuring group joined the mercenaries and helped them destroy the orcs. The farstriders didn't stick around to chat, and left the mercenaries to themselves for the remainder of the journey. But the implications of orcs already over the mountains were not lost on the mercenaries.

They reached the outer borders of the large city the following day. A sort of ghetto had sprung up on the outskirts of the city, a place called the Shantytown. In this town stood a large, gray tower. It leaned slightly off to the side. The mercenaries inquired about this tower and were told that a man named Rufus Crummly resided there, and that he practiced necromancy. The group decided to investigate at a later time, when there wasn't the threat of an orc war on the horizon.

At the city gates the guards asked them to identify themselves with an adventuring group name. The mercenaries hadn't yet thought of a name, but quickly came to the decision of “The Palmers”—named after a favorite drink of the group.

Not too far into the city, the Palmers happened upon a small inn. The Hearth and Kettle was an area favorite, and was run by a femal dwarf whom was popular in the city. When the Palmers entered the Hearth and Kettle they found a group of thugs bullying the owner Hagga into paying for her “protection”. This group identified themselves as the Lost Ones. The Palmers fought off the small band of Lost Ones, killing all of them except for one who they heard referred to as Erric. Erric was a magic user and escaped death by literally vanishing form the inn. But Hagga was so thrilled with the help from the Palmers that she offered them free room and board whenever they needed it.

The following day the bells toled at the city council. A mob of adventurers and mercenaries flooded the council hall. Five elders sit upon a dais in the council. All of them dwarfs, all of them rather old. One of them walked forward and spoke:

“Welcome to High Hall, friends. I am Elder Cadrick. I don't much see the point in bandying words, so I'll lay it out for you. War is upon us. A great host of orcs comes from the west. Their intention is clear. They will come through the mountains bent on slaughter. Those they spare can look forward to a short life of slavery. Overlook, and Bordrin's Watch in the mountains, have long held fast against these raids, but our scouts say never has such an army gathered. Thus, we turn to you brave souls to help defend not only Overlook, but also all the Elsir Vale.

“When the orcs arrive, we're certain they will come up through the pass. We know this because already there have been attacks from the tunnels below.”

The elder asked the question of any other information that anyone else would have had. The Palmers responded with the fact that they had fought orcs that had already crossed the mountains. This seemed to bother the elders.

In the end it was decided that the Farstriders would goto the vents to hold off any orcs that would come through below the mountains. The Freestriders, a small adventuring group that befriended the Palmers, were sent to Bordrin's Watch to defend the mountain pass. The Palmers were tasked with travelingto a dwarven monastery in the mountains, the Monastery of the Sundered Chain, to warn them of the iimpedning threat. The Freeriders seemed to grow perturbed at this, and Megan Swiftblade, the leader of the Freeriders, ignored the Palmers the rest of the night.

The next day the Palmers set off for the monastery. When they arrived they found that the grounds had already been invaded by orcs. Inside the gates, orcs sat around fires with dwarven limbs roasting. The palmers annihilated these orcs and pressed on into the monastery where they found a secret passage beneath the building. The dwarfs sleeping quarters were there, and the group found even more gore there. Every bed seemed to overflow with blood, not a single dwarf left alive. There were more orcs here, and the Palmers dispatched all of them.

They came upon a large staircase leading deep into the mountains. They followed it down and there was a small chamber with molten lava. It was a chamber where the dwarfs made their weapons. In this chamber were a number of scattered orcs and one large orc-beast beating the living hell out of a dwarf priest. When the orc-beast, later found out to be named Ogg, saw the Palmers he ordered all of the orcs to attack. The dwarf was left in the back of the chamber to die. The Palmers dispatched of all of the orcs except for Ogg, he fought each of them with a brute force that was menacing. He killed each of the Palmers one by one, until they all had perished.


Paelius hates Ogg, too.

Bordrin's Watch Part One

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