Scales of War

Umbraforge Part One

The Palmers were greeted by a gnome as they reached the top of Bordrin’s Watch. He identified himself as being a member of the Freeriders, the group that had been tasked with helping to hold off the orc hordes above the mountain. The gnome led the Palmers to the cathedral of Bordrin’s Watch where they offered their services to the guards. The hordes lasted just a couple of days after their way under the mountains were cut off, and they were pushed back in tho the orc-land. In these two days Megan Swiftblade made it obvious that she was going out of her way to ignore the Palmers, a turn of events that none of them expected after the two groups had gotten along so well just a few evenings ago back in the city. Edgar asked the gnome why she was being so cold, and the gnome confided that Megan had become jealous of the Palmers after their assignment of the Monastery of the Sundered Chain. She was even more sour because that mission had led to the entire monastery being wiped out.

When the battle had ended the Palmers returned to the Overlook where the Shantytown was a smoldering mess, and some holes had been blown in the walls. However, there had been no damage done that was sever enough to compromise the city. When they arrived back at Care Overlook to talk to the Elder Dwarfs, the Palmers found a crowd awaiting them and cheering their names. Paelius caught a glimpse of Megan Swiftblade in the crowd, but she turned her head when their eyes met. For the next week there was much celebrating and drinking done for Overlook’s victory and for the new Heroes of Overlook: the Palmers. Though during this time they tried to voice their concerns to the Elders about the Shadar-Kai weaponry that the orcs had been wielding, the Elders wouldn’t hear it, instead focusing on the rebuilding attempts of the city, and getting things back to regular routine.

One day, as the Palmer’s were traveling the streets of the Nine Bells District, they came across a large crowd in the street. Hoping to avoid the hoopla that was involved with being recognized as heroes, and hoping not to be held up, the Palmers attempted to avoid the crowd by going through a side ally. It was here that the Lost Ones once again attacked. The thugs were led by the same mage whom had vanished at the Hearth & Kettle when the Palmer’s had arrived: Erric. The thugs fought hard, but the Palmer’s had revenge on their minds, and they destroyed all of the thugs except for Erric. They questioned the mage and he revealed that he was hired by someone named Modra to recover a brass key from the heroes. Though the heroes hadn’t thought much of it, they had recovered the brass key from the dark creeper in the vents under Bordrin’s Watch.

With no other information to offer them, Bardryn chopped the head from Erric’s shoulders.

With new information that someone had paid for the brass key, the Palmers set off to find this mysterious Modra. They scoured the city, asking questions in different districts. At one point, while in the Tradestown District, the Palmers encountered their nemesis from Rivenroar: Sinruth! He had with him a band of hob-goblins. The Palmers nearly lost the fight because of their surprise at the resurrected foe, but in the end they killed him again. Upon his death Sinruth’s true form was revealed to be a doppleganger. On the doppleganger was a list of names including the names of the Palmers and the names of the Freeriders.

After some more investigation the Palmers found that Modra was a dark creeper himself and that he had last been seen in the city just before the orc attack. There was a rumor that said he had been just a henchman for the true shadar-kai arms dealer, and that a deal had gone bad and that now Modra was on the run. One old woman named Haelyn, whom was the caretaker of the shrine of Erathis in Tradestown, told the Palmers that she had heard the name Modra at a local rest stop in Tradestown named The Happy Beggar.

The Palmers found the rest stop and met the two owners, husband and wife, name Parshant and Ausma. An old human man sat in the corner of the Happy Beggar and beckoned the Palmers over. He asked them what their business was, telling them that in his day he had been a mercenary, too. The Palmers and this old man conversed and he told them that Modra was dangerous and frequented the Happy Beggar often, though he hadn’t seen him since before the orc attack. The Palmers thanked the old man, but Paelius was distrustful. He followed the old time to a small apartment complex where the old man bedded down for the night. Nothing else could be found with him.

When Paelius returned, The rest of the heroes had found a secret door in one of the closets of the kitchen. The stone at the base of the door looked to be scraped fresh, revealing that the secret had been used often. Beneath the Happy Beggar the heroes found a stow room of provisions. Before their eyes, a group of Shadar-Kai and dark creepers came in through a portal. They had two large cages containing shadow hounds. One of the shadar-kai called out Modra’s name and he proceeded to flee into a room set further back. After the Palmers had defeated the Shadowfell creatures they went through the portal in which the foes had arrived. What they found was a large store house full of Shadar-Kai weaponry. The warehouse was one just a few blocks from the Happy Beggar. They proceeded back through the portal to chase after Modra where they found a pack of wraiths guarding another portal. Modra hid behind them, and, as the Palmers fought the wraiths, Modra proceeded with a ritual that briefly opened the portal, into which he escaped.

When the Palmers had defeated the wraiths, they found that the portal had closed, but a small keyhole was set into the runic stone. By using the small brass key they had taken from the vents under Bordrin’s Watch, the Palmers used the portal and found themselves in the Shadowfell.



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